My tea ritual

I like tea. And if this blog is supposed to give a fair indication of how I spend my time, it must include tea. Made almost daily, tea is a great staple for anyone. It is relaxing, healthy (depending on how much sugar or cream is added), and even a fun, simple process. So here's how I like to make my tea. If your'e a tea lover like me comment below how you like yours and your favorite kind of tea.

Start with the basics: teapot and your tea leaves

Get your tea bag or leaves ready 

Heat your water and put in your tea bag or pour over your tea leaves

Steeping times vary by type of tea. Since mine is a red tea (Pu-erh) I steep for 3-7minutes. This helps the tea taste balanced, not too dilute or bitter.

Pour your tea in your cup and get your favorite book or pillow.

 (The mug was made at a friends pottery shop. One of those make it yourself places. I obviously had fun.)

Tea always has a way of brightening my day. How about you?

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