DIY Indoor/Outdoor Firepit

On Pinterest, I came across a diy for a firepit that can go indoors or outdoors. See the original pin here. And the great thing about diy is you can personalize to how you like it. With travel nursing I end of living with various people and I like to leave a gift so to speak if I can find something good enough. 
My roommate has a great patio and being in Florida I thought a nice firepit for some smores this winter was just the thing to make that patio even more inviting. Here's how mine turned out. What do you think? Good enough for a gift? 


For the full tutorial check out this link. Mine looks a little different because of the glass encasing the pot instead of setting on the edge. I also added some moss from hobby lobby, a second tray to cover to protect from stray leaves, rain, etc, and my pot is a little more vintage looking. But I love how it turned out, a little less modern than the example but just what I was going for. What do you think? How would you personalize it? Add your thoughts below.

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