Thinking about travel nursing?

Have you thought about travel nursing as a career? Or maybe just a short term way to make some money while seeing some new places. Travel nursing can mean different things to different people. Personally, the main two reasons I tried travel nursing are....1. I wanted to challenge my abilities and see if I would falter or if I'd grow....and 2. going to Japan for missions has been a growing interest of mine for awhile and travel nursing became a possible means for making that dream come true. In theory, it would allow to me to leave for extended periods of time between contracts and hopefully provide enough income where I could support myself while overseas.

I seem to be hearing a lot from coworkers and friends recently how they'd wished they'd tried travel nursing. If only they were a couple years younger, or didn't have kids, or weren't tied down with a house... The list of excuses can extend a long way. Everyone has their story and how they want to live it out. As a Christian, my story must connect to the bigger story of Jesus Christ and if travel nursing can be a means He uses to tie my skills into a way to support myself I'd be very glad. But if situations change and I buy a house or have kids, there will always be a path where I can glorify His name, here in Japan or anywhere else.

That said, I quit my permanent job last year exactly on Christmas day. So the coming weeks provide a sense of reminiscing even though it has only been a year. And since so many have asked about travel nursing as a possible career, I thought it would be good to make up a little tip list of things I've been learning in the past year related to travel nursing. And to my fellow travelers, please add your tips below as well. This is in no means trying to recruit or deter. If you've thought about this decision and would like some more info, here are some of my thoughts.

I'm sure there's much more but the most important characteristic of a travel nurse is to be both competent and flexible at the same time. Add your opinions below and share the wealth of knowledge. Several of you travelers out there have been traveling 10+ years. What have you learned?

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