Japan 101 by RJC

So I started this neat class through "Reaching the Japanese through Christ" RJC to help me remember a lot of the helpful information that makes understanding the Japanese and their religious history a little more clear.

Here are some tidbits I've started learning already that I thought interesting enough to share here.

As I connect these two lessons together, it's convicting to me. I'd need to describe (if I was speaking in Japanese) that to abandon one's life for Christ is to "throw it away". They label stray dogs as those dogs that have been abandoned. So to abandon our life is to live like a stray dog, EXCEPT we will be living even closer to our owner. It's mind boggling how to describe this concept. And obviously, I am still brainstorming how I'd clearly communicate this concept. But I am still convicted thinking to myself about abandoning my life, my hopes, my strengths, my goals, into God's hands. To let go of the control I have to make things (usually the goals I logically put into my mind) happen. And I still continue to pray for the discernment between the control I have to "make things happen", more for myself than Christ and selfless, prideless actions reflecting Him and His character. It's scary but exciting to think what Christ will do when there's no other love than him, no other distraction, no other goal, no other planning apart from loving and glorifying God, the Father, and the Holy Spirit.

So just like this stray dog, I want to be so wrapped up in the Love of my Creator that being cold, lonely, forgotten, destitute, or hungry, pale in comparison to the joy I have in His salvation. And in the same way, being warm, surrounded by a family and friends, self-sufficient, and satiated also pale in comparison to the joy I have in His salvation.

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